Adult Education

Adult Education classes are non-credit and are provided at no cost to learners who qualify. Students acquire basic academic skills that assist them in transitioning to employment, 培训和高等教育. 十大平台网赌下载最新在整个地区的学习中心开设课程.


Requirements vary by program. Select a program for details and contact Adult Education for additional information.

Program Name

Volunteer Literacy
Optional Education & Youth GED®

Support Services


接受公共资助的学生可以买公共汽车票, 失业或未充分就业(由收入决定). 如需购票,请到上课地点查询.

Child care

The Community Child Care Resource and Referral Center can assist in locating child care services for daytime or evening classes. Call 563-324-1302.


如果您因残疾而需要住宿(e.g. sign language interpreter, (特殊座位)参加BHC的任何活动或项目, please call the BHC Quad-Cities Campus Disability Services Office at 309-796-5900 or 309-716-3310 (video phone) or contact Adult Education staff at 309-796-8216. 建议提前一周通知住宿需求. For more information visit Disability Services.

Parenting preparation

Pregnant and parenting students have access to individual counseling sessions as well as family living, nutrition, 还有儿童保育和发展课程.

Community linkages

With the student’s permission, Optional Education will coordinate services and goals with social service agencies, psychologists, psychiatrists, 法庭服务和戒毒/戒酒项目.


The Youth Service Bureau provides counseling services to students enrolled in the Optional Education program.

Adult Education

Before you enroll in the ESL Program, you will be given a language placement test. 你的水平是由考试成绩决定的. 有关ESL课程的更多信息,请致电309-796-5183.

  • 任何年满18岁的人, 在伊利诺伊州居住至少30天, 而且都不是高中毕业生, 但谁的高中班级已经毕业了.
  • 美国现役军人:美国现役武装部队的成员, who is 17 years of age or older, 在伊利诺伊州居住或者是伊利诺伊州的合法居民
  • 十七岁或以上的惩教部门的囚犯, or an inmate confined in any branch of the Illinois State Penitentiary or in a county correctional facility.
  • A female/male who is 17 years of age or older who is unable to attend school because she is either pregnant or the mother/father of one or more children
  • A person who is 17 years of age or older who has been a dropout for a period of at least one year
  • A person who is successfully competing an alternative education program under Section 2-3.伊利诺伊州学校法典第81条或第13A条
  • A person who is enrolled in the youth education program sponsored by the Illinois National Guard (Lincoln’s Challenge)
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四项GED考试每项收费30美元. 当学生准备参加普通教育水平考试时,他们必须参加普通教育水平考试.com and login to their personal GED account, register for a test date and time, and pay the $30 fee. Adult Education staff is available to help students create a personal GED account and register for tests. 虽然注册是通过, 所有的考试都在十大平台网赌下载最新考试中心进行, 或岩岛县地区教育办公室.

Tests are offered at The 十大平台网赌下载最新考试中心 and The 岩岛县地区教育办公室 to take the test. If students choose to test at that The 岩岛县地区教育办公室 they must contact the office directly to set up a preferred testing date and time. If students choose to take the test at The 十大平台网赌下载最新考试中心 no appointment is needed. 我们欢迎学生在正常工作时间内前来参加考试. The only requirement is that students arrive one hour before close of business to ensure ample testing time.

修读宪法模块是免费的.  该模块可以在学生参加第一次GED考试后完成.

6600 34th Avenue
Moline, Illinois 61265

3430 Avenue of the Cities
Moline, Illinois 61265
Phone: 309-736-1111

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学生必须在所有四项GED考试中获得145分或更高的分数. Students who score above 165 (on any test subject) are considered ready to be college ready.

宪法得分不包括在总分中. Students who have high school transcripts indicating a passed Constitution test will have the test waived. 成绩单必须送到相应的考试中心.

Students are allowed to retake GED tests a maximum of three times within a calendar year. 每次GED重考的费用为10美元.


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Requests for classroom accommodations are to be submitted to the Black Hawk College Office of Disability Services. 有关GED考试住宿的请求将被发送到GED考试服务中心. Requests for Constitution test accommodations are to be sent to the appropriate testing location (十大平台网赌下载最新考试中心 or the Rock Island Regional Office of Education).

Black Hawk College staff is available to assist any students who wish to submit requests for accommodations.

提供的住宿包括:延长时间, large print text, audio tape versions, readers, and scribes.

Form L-15 or form SA-001 should be requested when registering for special needs.

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  • Outreach Center, 301 Avenue of the Cities, East Moline, IL or call 309-796-8216
  • Adult Learning Center, 4610 Blackhawk Commons Drive, Rock Island, IL or call 309-794-1072
  • 社区教育中心,202 E. Third St.或致电309-854-1875
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Cooperating schools require students to attend a class for a specified number of hours per .5 credit. While in attendance, students must complete the required assigned work at a passing level. 每完成一节课可获得半个学分. 除非出勤和工作都达到要求,否则不能获得学分.

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学生有可能在自己的学校更快地获得学分. Students who complete a full schedule of classes at the home school have the potential to earn 7 credits per year. 选修教育的时间较短(4或5小时), so students can only expect to complete 4 to 5 credits during an academic year. 有些学生由于出勤率低或学习效率低而收入减少.

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GED® students prepare to demonstrate that they have the same skills as the average high school graduate in five fields: Literature and the Arts, Writing Skills, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics. Students are tested when they enroll to help determine what areas need attention. Instructors then work with students to design a program that meets individual needs.

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GED®毕业生有资格参加大学课程. While GED® graduates with high GED® and college entrance scores may go directly to a four-year institution, 许多人开始在十大平台网赌下载最新这样的社区学院上大学. A college-bound GED® student should strive to earn scores that are higher than the minimum passing score. The student should also consider enrolling in keyboarding and introductory computer classes. 打字和电脑技能会让你更容易过渡到大学.

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可选教育/青年GED联系Laura Bragg – 309-796-8252.

成人GED请联系Jennifer Sweborg – 309-796-5562.

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